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Korvbrödsbagarn - Burger Battle: Flip-Flop Interactive, produktionsbolag - Film | Stockholm

burger battle

Korvbrödsbagarn is one of Lantmännen's brands. They had a Burger Battle campaign where anyone could send in their own burger recipe and compete for a chance to show off infront of star chef Christian Hellberg at the food fair Gastro Nord in Stockholm, Sweden.

We decided on a half day shoot at Christian's own restaurant Griffins Steakhouse in Stockholm. A good setup for some burger preparations. Only challenge - be done before the big lunch rush.

The result - a simple but beautiful production with delicious slow-mo and to-the-point-talk.


kund: korvbrödsbagarn
byrå: isobar

Dop: tom karlsson
ljus: daniel thörnblad